Treats Over Chocolates

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and we Americans enjoy taking this time to share our love with those in our families. A huge number of us consider our dogs as family members too. While chocolate and flowers are some of the most popular ways to express love, we need to be aware that chocolates and some flowers are poisonous to dogs. When we go to the pet store to purchase a gift specifically for our dogs, what we come home with really matters.

Some of us will bring home a bone, others will pick up baked treats, balls, chew toys and other fun things. I would suggest that you get a bag of treats for your dog. Treats act more like a box chocolates for a dog than any other item. What I mean is that if you bring home a bag of treats (I strongly recommend Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats which are both healthy and delicious) then when you go for the box of chocolates, you can also pull out your dog’s bag of treats and you and your dog can have a shared Valentine’s day experience.

Not all dog treats are the same. I recommend Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats because they are made with one ingredient and that is meat. No preservatives, no colorings, no flavorings, and absolutely no fillers. Just meat (and a whole lot of love). Another great thing about my treats is that dogs consider them a high-value treat. A high value treat will keep dogs engaged and drooling for more—much the same way many of us drool for chocolate. Think of it this way, have you ever had just one chocolate out of a whole box of chocolates and been completely satisfied? It’s the same way with dogs and Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats. Whether you buy Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats just for Valentine’s day or throughout the year, your dog will feel your love with every treat! So, visit the website and you can order a free sample, a single bag or a subscription. Any one of these will make your dog extremely happy.