Keeping Your Dog Hydrated this Summer

Water is a fundamental element in keeping your dog healthy throughout the summer. However, it only works if it is available. I keep a gallon of clean water in my car all the time. I have a bowl that is designed not to splash or spill in the dog area of my car and I fill it up with cool water whenever the dogs ride in the car. I also carry a water bottle (and collapsible water bowl if necessary) with me when we go outside to play, hike or spend time at the beach. Don’t pour all of your water into the bowl at the first water break or you will end up not having enough for future breaks.

Finally, if I know we are going to the park to play, I spray my dogs’ bellies with a hose before leaving the house. This helps keep them cool as they play. At first my dogs hated being sprayed with the hose but as they began to connect the spray from the hose with keeping cool at play they became used to it and will now stand with their front legs stretched out front so that I can get their whole belly wet before we go.

If you feel that your dog isn’t drinking enough water, try crushing a few Dr. Dalton’s Premium Treats and sprinkling them on top of the water. Your dog will drink plenty of water while lapping up the sprinkles. If you do this, change the water after the dog is finished so that it remains clean and cool.

Have fun this summer and don’t forget the water.

Dr. Dalton