Why Dr. Dalton’s Premium Pet treats?

The quality of the relationship we have with our dogs is essential. Any dog- human relationship should be grounded in care, love and respect. Since every dog is different, every dog will have a unique training path, except when it comes to nutrition. Nutrition is critically important for healthy dogs, and Dr. Dalton’s Premium Pet Treats are both highly nutritious and doggy-delicious. All treats are gluten free, grain-free, grown and made in the USA, and are perfectly portioned for ultimate snacking.

What are Dr. Dalton’s Premium treats made of?

Dr. Dalton’s treats are made from one, high-quality ingredient; meat. Chicken, beef, pork or a combination of all three – the ingredients are always the same. Just meat. 

How many treats should I give my dog?

Training your dog with positive reinforcement requires the liberal use of treats. It’s important to avoid additional calories from dog treats that contain fillers like starch, grains, and other additives like artificial coloring, flavorings and preservatives. Dr. Dalton’s treats are clean protein. They are perfectly portioned to lend themselves to healthy snacking and training throughout the day. Go ahead…snack away.