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The loyal, loving companionship of a pet brings joy and good health to pet guardians everywhere. Your pet's loyalty and steadfast love is uncomplicated, and deeply rewarding.

At Dr. Dalton's, we understand that love travels in both directions. Dogs show us love through tail wagging, snuggling and play. We show our love for them by providing proper nutrition, training and health care.

We created our healthy treats for your dog with all three of these forms of love in mind.

Dr. Dalton’s treats are made from high-quality, low-fat meat loaded with healthy protein. They are a perfect training treat, motivating your dog toward good behavior. They contain no additives and are free from sugar, salt, coloring, flavoring, sweeteners, gluten, grain, chemicals or preservatives. Dr. Dalton’s provides you and your dog with a healthy alternative to other store-bought treats.

It’s time to return the favor.

You love your dog and your dog loves you. Make Dr. Dalton's treats a part of that bond. As a reward while training, or simply a way to say "I love you" Dr. Dalton's treats are perfect for the occasion.

Dr. Dalton’s treats contain just one ingredient (not counting the love we mix in). Nutritious, satisfying and high- quality cuts of chicken, beef and pork are gently dried for an irresistible, crunchy nugget of goodness your favorite four-legged friend will love. These delicious treats are low in fat, and high in flavor.

Susan Dalton, her son Noah, and their dog Cassie (the dog that started it all!)

Dr. Susan Dalton

Photo credit: Erick Madrid

Dr. Susan Dalton grew up surrounded by animals of all kinds - dogs, cats, chickens, snakes, and even salt water fish. After receiving her Ph.D., she worked with troubled adolescents, and served as both a university professor, and researcher.

Dr. Dalton began training dogs after adopting Cassie, a 10-week old Border Collie who had been rescued from under a car. Cassie was traumatized; fearful and aggressive. 


When Dr. Dalton consulted various ‘experts’ on how to best rehabilitate Cassie, all of the trainers she spoke to labeled the pup unworkable – a hopeless case. Susan began reading everything she could about dog training, and personally developed a highly effective dog training plan based on positive reinforcement.

Using this philosophy, she founded the California School for Dogs Inc. in 2009. Since then, Dr. Dalton has trained hundreds of dogs – specializing in frightened, aggressive and traumatized animals.

Although she began life as a frightened and aggressive puppy, Cassie the Border Collie is now a happy and healthy 13-year old. She enjoys trips to the beach and off-leash parks and she loves both her old friends and meeting new people everywhere she goes. 

With healthy treats a cornerstone of her training program, Dr. Dalton wasn’t satisfied with the dog treat options available to her. She started making her own treats in 2012, using clean and simple ingredients like chicken, beef and pork. It was her clients who convinced her to make her treats available for purchase. Since then, Dr. Dalton has mastered the creation of a dog treat that is both healthy and doggy-delicious.


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