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All Treats are Not Created Equal

Part of our care for dogs is shown by giving dogs treats as reward, to show love, and just because. With so many treats in the market, how do you choose what type of treat you want to give your dog? Well, there are basically 3 types of food-based dog treats on the market: baked, […]


Keeping Your Dog Hydrated this Summer

Water is a fundamental element in keeping your dog healthy throughout the summer. However, it only works if it is available. I keep a gallon of clean water in my car all the time. I have a bowl that is designed not to splash or spill in the dog area of my car and I […]


Treats Over Chocolates

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and we Americans enjoy taking this time to share our love with those in our families. A huge number of us consider our dogs as family members too. While chocolate and flowers are some of the most popular ways to express love, we need to be aware that […]


Bonding with Your New Dog

Dogs of all ages move into new homes all the time. Whether we adopt a young puppy, a dog that is a few years old, or a senior citizen, the bonding that takes place between you and your new dog is extremely important. Bonding with puppies frequently occurs relatively quickly and without much apparent effort […]


Shy Dogs

There are many stressors in the world — both in and outside the home — that can affect dogs, particularly those with shy personalities. One of the biggest stressors for shy dogs are dog lovers Let me explain. Dog lovers, as the name implies, love dogs. They love to pet them, play with them, talk […]


What’s In A Name?

Dogs have names just like people. We give our dogs’ their names to distinguish them from other dogs and often to suggest personality traits we see in our dogs. To a dog, however, a name is a command. It means “Hey you look at me and pay attention.” If we want our dog to move […]